Medical, Dental, Cardiovascular and Sanitation Mission Sri Lanka (March 2016)

Project description:

Medical care for the poorest rural areas in Sri Lanka.

During one week, the D.R.O.P.S. team traveled over 600 km of dirt road on the island to improve the quality of life for many people in need. D.R.O.P.S. doctors treated many hundreds of people who otherwise would not have access to medical care.

Basic health skills in dental and cardiovascular medicine, as well as hygiene measures, were repeatedly taught by the volunteers during the waiting periods.

In addition, during this stay, a medical drop-in center for street children and people in need was opened in the poor neighborhoods of Colombo, an orphanage for 40 girls aged 4 to 14 was equipped, and hygiene care was provided in various schools in the poorest neighborhoods.

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Ghandi

Sustainable charity activities, such as the urgently needed basic infrastructure for a school for the hearing-impaired in Kuliyapitiya, were added.

We were helped by the dedicated support of numerous local helpers. D.R.O.P.S. operated in 6 communities in different regions and the courageous medical team treated more than 1000 people. Among them were babies, children, adolescents, the sick, the homeless, drug addicts, the malnourished and the disabled.

This mission was marked by many impressions and emotions that are difficult to put into words. We were moved to tears and made to laugh in equal measure. The following pictures will always remind us of these profound moments and the joy of sharing.

Our thanks to all supporters and participants on site!


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