One of the most important goals of D.R.O.P.S. is to ensure the education of children and the elderly. Only by working to make education possible in the poorest regions of this world can we sustainably improve living conditions there and build a better tomorrow for children and their families.


We are committed to providing immediate basic and /or specific healthcare education and care to people in as many places around the world as possible, so that every child and adult learns the importance of prevention and screening to maintain their own health. For a long, healthy and happy life. Children and aged people in need remain the target.

Sustainable Solutions

We organize a functioning basic infrastructure to guarantee further assistance and follow-up following our specific medical missions. So that sustainable solutions are created that can be continued and sustained by the people. D.R.O.P.S. stands for sustainable support instead of one-time aid. 

Zero Admin Cost

D.R.O.P.S. is a non-profit organization focused on using all donations towards initiating change. We achieve this by reducing administrative costs to zero and using all donations exclusively for our projects for the costs of the relief efforts.


Through a dedicated team of volunteers who devote themselves to the diverse tasks, we succeed in meeting the different requirements. Thanks to this dedicated community, we create a visible and lasting impact with each mission, enabling us to support people in need around the world.


D.R.O.P.S. Foundation, through its strong worldwide network of volunteers, donors and partners, is permanently in action for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Starting today, we believe that together we can make a difference. Together we can lighten the burden of poverty and disease by giving access to specific healthcare operations. Just as the continuous flow of tiny drops finally ends up in molding a stone our goal is set to make the world a better place.

D stands for

D ispatch specific medical help to children and aged people in need in order to improve their impoverished condition.

R stands for

R eal impact right where it is needed by punctual aid in order to relieve and prevent illness.

O stands for

O rganize a working basic infrastructure to further aid and follow-up after specific medical intervention.

P stands for

P romote educational health and wellbeing programs for the young in need and caring assistance to aged people in distress.

S stands for

S upervise qualitative medical aid operations dispensed by compassionate and competent volunteers provided with proper equipment and facilities.

OUr Values


Honesty holds immense significance within our ethos. It is our fervent desire that all individuals remain apprised of the ongoing affairs within our organization, gain insights into our ongoing endeavors, and obtain transparency regarding the allocation of your generous donations. With this objective in mind, we consistently furnish updates concerning the current progress of our multifarious projects, ensuring that you are well-informed and engaged in our journey.


Reliability is another important foundational value. When we start something, we do everything we can to see it through to the end. We keep our word and are fully committed to our projects. To this end, we use the funds available donated by our supporters as efficiently as possible.We are a reliable and transparent partner, and are committed to spreading the vision of D.R.O.P.S. to the world.


Embracing Anne Frank's wisdom, "No one ever became poor by giving," we embody D.R.O.P.S.'s mission to aid global children and elderly.Particularly in regions where external help is crucial due to inadequate local infrastructure, we aim to ignite sparks of hope, fostering lasting improvements in quality of life. Even modest gestures yield momentary joy and positive impact on future trajectories.Our mission is to create a brighter tomorrow.