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As a lot of glasses make up a jug, many jugs fit into a lake and many many lakes fit into an ocean, we just ask for you to help us to fill a cup. The more we can add the better.Our current project in Sri Lanka is well under way but needs further funding. Medical supplies for the doctors in charge are needed.

Individual donations are drops, corporate donations could be jugs.Our volunteer medical doctors are ready, the logistics too, what is most needed now to finalize the project and to guarantee a rewarding follow-up is the medical supplies and disposables needed on the spot.

Bank Details for Donations:
D.R.O.P.S. eV
IBAN: DE82 5866 0101 0007 9259 97

Urgent Cause

Urgent Cause

Deliver Vital Hygiene Education – Sri Lanka

During our first missions we realized the importance to educate the importance of hygiene in remote and poor areas. a.o. drinking clean water, how to brush teeth or when to wash hands. Hence this is a focus during most of...
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