Medical, dental, cardiovascular and hygiene mission in Sri Lanka (March, 2016)

Project Info

Project Description

The team took the challenge to find the most rural and poorest areas in Sri Lanka. Therefore the team traveled in 8 days over 600km across Sri Lanka and positive affected the life from over 1000 kids and aged people how have been forgotten in today’s life even that they desperately needed help. DROPS doctors helped many hundreds of people who normally would not be able to afford medical help.
In addition DROPS run an awareness programs consisted of Dental, Cardio Vascular and Hygiene. Next to this we supported opening a medical hub for people in need, support for a female orphanage for 40 girls in the age from 4 years to 14 years, provided education for streets kids in Colombo and supported different Schools and initiated sustainable charity activities.
One of such a charity activity has been to increase the needed basic infrastructure for a “Hearing Impaired” (deaf) School in Kuliyapitya.
Our local volunteers and partners ensuring to keep our spirit alive that again has been strengthening with a very intense venture. Getting involved with 6 communities in different regions, we visited over 1000 people which included infants, children, youth, the sick, the homeless, drug abusers, malnourished and disabled.
Our journey brought us many eye opening moments, brought us tears, laughter and various unexplainable emotions which cannot be expressed in words or pictures.
Nevertheless we would like to invite you to share with us some memories that will stay with us forever.