Family Centre/Shelter for single mothers in South Africa (April, 2017)

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Project Description

D.R.O.P.S Foundation is proud to be part of the re-opening of the newly renovated CEF FAMILY CENTRE in Asla Park, Mossel Bay, South Africa. This re-opening was possible thanks to the support received by the donors and volunteers of the D.R.O.P.S Foundation.

Creating Effective Families (CEF) is a nonprofit organisation whose service delivery is inspired by the believe that a warm, safe and nurturing family environment provides the primary context in which children learn and develop into healthy adulthood. Children first experience and learn about relationships from their own families. Families give them a model from which they start to discover how to build relationships throughout their lives. Children who have a model of healthy relationships from their families are better able to create these relationships outside their families, with the other children and adults in their lives. When children learn the skills of building positive relationships, they can practice these skills over and over again as they meet new people. Children also feel safe when they know that their family members love and will protect one another.

CEF’S main goal is to equip parents with the necessary skills to enhance the relationship between parents and their children. The Family Centre, located in Kwanonqaba township, is staffed by qualified social workers who facilitate parenting groups and attachment bonding groups with mothers and their babies. To have a special bond with her baby is the best gift any mother can give to her child. The focus is on the special connection created by a secure attachment bond between a mother and child and also between a father and child where fathers are available to attend. The program will help develop parents’ capacity to experience their child as an intentional human being with its own personality, preferences and needs. The attachment bonding groups are facilitated in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. From the over 50 mothers who attended the opening celebration nearly 30 already registered for the course.

The CEF Family Centre also welcomes mothers who have a need for a peaceful, spacious environment to spend exclusive time with their babies, as it enhances the bonding process, especially for young single mothers and women who are victim of domestic violence.

We are delighted to be part of this project and to assist CEF in building effective families. THANK YOU to all the D.R.O.P.S. supporters who made this a reality.